Why Commercial Canopy Cleaning is Important

We are all familiar with the disruption caused when a key piece of your commercial kitchen equipment fails. With many appliances, this is simply an operational annoyance, however, when it comes to safety features such as your kitchen canopy, the proper functionality of it is essential to the safe running of your kitchen, as well as the safety of your employees.

Risks of not keeping up with your commercial canopy cleaning

Your kitchen canopy, or hood as it is sometimes known, is designed to push the air through various filters which remove any cooking smells or additional fumes before recirculating the clean air back through the kitchen. Many more modern canopies also have a basic grease filter as well as a charcoal filter, which work together to remove grease and smoke from the air. For this system to work effectively, it is essential that you stay on top of your kitchen canopy cleaning. If your kitchen canopy cleaning falls behind and you do not keep on top of removing the build up of grease and dirt from the exhaust system, you could be at higher risk of kitchen fires.

If your canopies are left unattended they will cause not just fires, but hygiene issues too. Without proper maintenance, grease above stoves and cooking surfaces will cause serious contamination and bacteria build-up.

Industry standards for commercial canopy cleaning

The BESA industry standard is the ‘TR 19 Guide to Good Practice’. TR 19 Guide to Good Practice – Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems offers very useful guidelines for the testing and cleaning of air distribution and kitchen extract ventilation systems to meet the exact required standards. It incorporates reference to both the UK and European Standards for the hygiene and upkeep of air duct systems, including canopies. It also highlights best practice for ensuring that kitchen extraction ductwork is maintained to minimise the risk of fire caused by grease build up.

Commercial canopy cleaning with NCE

At NCE we specialise in getting the job done properly, from maintenance and repairs to specialist commercial cleaning. If your ducts, fans, filters and canopies are functioning correctly they will be removing all excess grease and fat deposits from your workspace, which would otherwise build up over time. This means that all of that waste will then be building up in your ventilation systems, requiring them to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

Our preventative canopy cleaning plan assures our clients that they will not experience equipment breakdowns or failures again and by choosing Northern Catering, you will minimise the downtime caused if any catering equipment issues do occur.

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